Acer Iconia dual-touch laptop arrives UK on Jan 14 2011 for £1,499

Acer UK has just confirmed to SlashGear release details for the Acer Iconia dual-touchscreen notebook, announced as part of the company's tablet frenzy late last month. The twin 14-inch touchscreen clamshell will hit UK soil on January 14 2011, priced at a hefty £1,499 including VAT ($2,380).

Your money will get you a Core i5 processor paired with up to 4GB of RAM and up to 750GB of HDD storage. There's also optional 3G, USB 3.0, VGA and HDMI connectivity, together with audio in/out and WiFi.

OS is Windows 7, but Acer has done some extra work fettling the Iconia for dual-display use; there's a multitouch keyboard, for instance, which is automatically loaded when you place all ten fingertips on the bottom display. A circular shortcut menu and various gesture-based controls have also been loaded. What remains to be seen is battery life, which with two large touchscreen displays could be the Iconia's downfall.