Acer Aspire Predator G7750-A64 breaks cover in Japan

Notebooks are all fine and good, but I want a big screen and more power than you can affordably cram inside a notebook. That means that I prefer to use desktop computers that can also play high-end video games when the mood hits. Acer has been offering the gamer focused Aspire Predator gaming desktops for a while now.

We saw the orange clad ASG7710-A41 last July and it was pretty darn sweet with the Core i7-950, 6GB of RAM, and dual NVIDIA GTS 250 video cards. A new version of the Predator has broken cover in Japan called the G7750-A64 and it sports a similar design with a mostly black chassis.

Inside the slick looking case is new hardware including the Core i7-960 CPU at 3.20 GHz and dual NVIDIA GTX 260 video cards. The newly update computer will ship in late February in Japan for about 289,800 yen. There is no word on price or availability in other countries at this time.

[via Akihabara]