Acer 1.9cm-thick ultrathin notebook tipped

Acer are apparently planning a new ultrathin notebook sometime this year, positioned to rival Apple's MacBook Air and using an ultra-low voltage processor.  Unlike other CULV notebooks, however, the as-yet-unnamed Acer machine would use one of Intel's next-gen Calpella ULV processors, and as such offer the performance of a conventional laptop despite measuring just 1.9 cm thick.

The Calpella chip range will include Core i5 and i7 ULV processors, though it's unclear which of these Acer may have in mind for its new ultraportable.  While basic clock speed of the CPUs isn't outstanding – usually 1.2GHz maximum – they can take advantage of Intel's Turbo Boost technology to overclock to 1.86GHz and 2.26GHz.

Acer's machine would be at the forefront of their attempt to take on HP, and at 1.9cm thick the so-called "ace in the hole" notebook would certainly be thinner than anything HP have on offer.  HP are currently the number one global PC brand, with Acer in second place.

[via Electronista]