Acekard 2i flash-cart for Nintendo DSi

Acekard have unveiled their latest flash-cart, which is compatible with the new Nintendo DSi.  Unlocking the handheld for homebrew tinkering, such as running PMP software, ebook reader and unofficial games, as well as supporting cheats and game saves, the Acekard 2i is functionally the same as its DS predecessor but simply adds DSi compatibility.

Demo video of the Acekard 2i in action after the cut

Although commonly associated with pirated software, flash-carts also give console owners more flexibility in how they use their handhelds and legitimately-obtained games.  The Acekard 2i can be used to store game save-files directly to a microSD card, removing memory capacity as an issue limiting save points, as well as running backups.

It will also let you use Action Replay cheat codes, if you're not as impressive in a particular title as you'd like to be.  The DSi is not yet available outside of Japan.

[via Hack-a-Day]