Acandescent light bulbs promise LED efficiency sans the cost

A mixture of regulations and increased energy costs have prodded many consumers towards LED and compact fluorescent bulbs, the former of which in particular comes with a (relatively speaking) high price tag. One startup, the Finally Light Bulb Company, aims to toss another option into the mix: the "acandescent" bulb.

According to the company, its "The Finally" acandescent light bulb offers the glow and warmth of incandescent light bulbs, but does so by maintaining the energy efficiency of CFLs and LEDs. The big bragging point, then, is the lower cost than what you'd pay for an equivalent LED light bulb.

The design is like that of an incandescent light bulb, and The Finally offers instant-on lighting, offering 15x the lifespan and 75-percent better efficiency than the aforementioned old-tech bulbs. Finally Bulbs boasts its product as the first product of its kind with the omnidirectional lighting, warmth, and design of incandescent bulbs.

The Finally bulbs will be offered in 60w, 75w, and 100w offerings, with the smallest of the bunch currently being available for pre-order and slated to hit shelves in July for $7.99 USD. The rest will arrive for pre-order this fall.

Said company board member Dr. Ihor Lys, "The big lighting companies are focused on producing replacement bulbs with LED and CFL technology. Both are undeniably efficient, but LEDs pose a huge affordability challenge for consumers, while CFLs have a really hard time replicating the quality of light and Instant On performance of the traditional incandescent lamps. Put them in your home and you'll immediately notice the difference."

SOURCE: Finally Bulbs

Image via Sufi Nawaz