ABT DVDO iScan VP20 and VP30 Solves HD Gaming Lag

Gaming in HD: everyone who has it, loves it. Except for one thing...the increased lag. While this isn't a surprising issue (in addition to processing the normal gaming elements, HD consoles also have to translate non-HD signals to HD at the same time), it is one that gamers would like not to deal with. ABT thinks they have the solution: the DVDO iScan VP20 and VP30. These boxes contain video scaling processors designed to help consoles scale up to HD without killing the game itself. The downside to this newfound freedom is the price; the VP20 (with the $400 deinterlacing card included) will run you $1,899, while the higher-end VP30 will cost you $2,198 with the same add-in card. Most gamers would look at that price and faint, but if you're an HD lover who needs to play older consoles on an HD set, then the price might be worth it.

[via IGN]