ABI Research says 3D TVs will boom in 2013 to 2015

Shane McGlaun - Oct 7, 2010, 4:42am CDT
ABI Research says 3D TVs will boom in 2013 to 2015

It’s not uncommon in the tech world for there to be a slow uptake of a new product category when it first launches. There is a clear case of chicken or the egg in many new categories, HDTVs went through a similar process where there was little content at first for the HDTV buyer to view on their fancy sets and networks didn’t want to provide more content until there was a larger user base.

3D TV is facing this same thing right now. TV makers expected consumer to flock to 3D TV but most have stayed away thanks to cost, the need for glasses, and the fact that content is scarce right now. That content scarcity is changing though and as the years tick by more and more folks will switch to 3D TV. ABI Research has issued a new report that pegs 2015 as the year 3D TV will really boom.

According to the research firm in 2015 global shipment of 3D TVs will hit the 50 million mark. By 2011, the global shipments will hit about 10 million with 2013 being fingered as the year that shipments really take off. The big catalyst for this growth is likely to be not only more content available, but also the fact that sets needing no glasses are expected by then.

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