ABI Research expects 20 million ultraportable computers to ship globally this year

ABI Research is a company that looks at all sorts of markets within the technology industry. The latest research published from the company predicts that 20 million ultraportable computers will ship globally in 2012. According to ABI, the adoption of thin and light portable computers during the first half of 2012 was disappointing.

ABI says that Intel may have jinxed itself with the prediction that 40% of all notebook computers sold this year would be its ultrabook machines. According to ABI, the most popular ultraportable on the market today is the Apple MacBook Air. ABI cites a couple of reasons why the adoption of ultrabooks has been slow, including the fact that they came to the market at a price well above consumer expectations, and some people are waiting for Windows 8.

ABI says that the majority of PC OEMs have moved a from low profit netbook computers and towards tablets. The research firm says that the netbook vendors left are focusing on the education market. ABI predicts that there is an opportunity for x86 and ARM processors in the low end computing market.

Whether or not the launch Windows 8 will spur ultrabook adoption remains to be seen. The computers are still more expensive than comparable notebooks. Next-generation ultrabook systems may fare better according to ABI. Next-generation machines are expected to have lower prices and touchscreen interfaces by 2013 according to the company. Growth of 53% for the ultraportable market is expected between 2012 and 2017.