ABC renews 'BattleBots' for second season

In February, word surfaced that the show BattleBots would be resurrected via a reboot ordered by ABC. That proved true this past summer, when the show launched as an updated version of the former Comedy Central favorite. Though some things changed, fans showed no less fondness for the battling robots, something underscored by ABC's latest announcement: BattleBots has been renewed for a second season.

The first season of BattleBots — the renewed version, that is — arrived this summer with only half a dozen episodes. Those episodes proved popular, however, drawing in a total of 5.4 million users. The second season will be similar, with the same single-elimination tournament as the first.

However, some changes will be made, including a doubling of the size of the field. According to The Wrap, which broke the news, the new season will include "expert roboticists, garage builders, families on a mission and past winners returning to defend their turf."

The original BattleBots show hails from Comedy Central, which only ran the series for five seasons before canceling it in 2002. During its brief run, however, the series managed to garner quite the fan base, inspiring many tinkerers to create their own destruction-bringing robots.

SOURCE: The Wrap