AAXA Technologies P1 Jr. Pico Projector Breaks Cover

As far as pico projectors go, they all may look somewhat similar, but you can never just have one. Or, wait, is that something else? AAXA isn't a newcomer to the pico projector market. In fact, they're probably one of the larger names in the industry, and when they release a new model, pico projector fans listen.

This time around, it's the P1 Jr. Pico Projector, and the company is saying that it's the world's smallest LCOS pico projector with an onboard MP4 player. Pretty good news, especially if you can claim a title like that. And if the photos are any indicator, than the P1 Jr. Pico Projector is indeed small. There's a 10 lumen LED light on here, which should suffice enough to light up whatever is is you're trying to illuminate for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, the battery life isn't exactly where we'd like to see it — even if it is a rechargeable battery, lasting only about an hour just doesn't seem good enough.

If you feel like you need to play back some of your own files, there's an included SD card slot, too. Cables will come included in the box, so you'll be able to plug it into an A/V source, too. As far as prices go, pico projectors aren't necessarily known to be all that cheap, but for only $119.99, this new model from AAXA Technologies doesn't break the bank too bad. Anyone in the market for a new pico?

[via Oh Gizmo!]