AAXA M1 Limited micro projector hits pre-order

Shane McGlaun - Jul 27, 2010
AAXA M1 Limited micro projector hits pre-order

In December of 2009, we talked about the AAXA M1 micro projector with its paltry 66 lumens of brightness and $359 price tag. The thing was a bit larger than some of the small pico projectors on the market when it debuted. AAXA has announced that pre-orders are being taken on the next version of the M1.

The new version of the projector is called the M1 Limited Micro Projector. The pre-order price for the little projector is $299 and the MSRP is $349. The limited edition gets more lumens than the original at 75 lumens.

The resolution for the projector is 800 x 600 and the LEDs used inside the device are good for 15,000 hours of use. The little projector looks just like the original M1 on the outside and has a remote control, VGA input, and more.

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