Aava Mobile unveils world's first fully open mobile device

There are many open platforms for software in the tech world from operating systems to development environments for various software. We rarely see open hardware or mobile devices though. Aava Mobile has unveiled what it calls the world's first fully open mobile device at MWC.Aava Mobile offers reference designs for smartphones and tablets with capabilities similar to those of a computer. The reference design it is showing at MWC is intended for system manufacturers and carriers that want to customize both the hardware and software. The design is based on the Intel Atom Moorestown platform.

Aava Mobile reports that functioning devices measure 64mm x 125mm and are 11.7mm thick letting the company lay claim to the title of world's thinnest x86 smartphone device. The reference design is aimed at Moblin 2.1 and Android for the OS options with plans for support of MeeGo in the future. Features include an extended touch screen, full HD video capability, micro USB port, HD video conferencing, dual mics, 3D sound and UI, GSM capable, and it has GPS, WiFi, compass, and an accelerometer.