A windshield wiper for your bathroom - car not included

It's a common issue, you get out of a hot shower, dry off, get dressed and look in the mirror only to see it all fogged up. I'll save you the scientific explanation of why this happens as I trust you already know. Now if only there were a convenient way to rid yourself of this layer of moisture.

Sure, you could wipe your towel across it, but that never works that well. You could plug in the blow dryer, and that would actually work pretty well. However, wouldn't it be easier to go out to your car, steal one of the windshield wipers and use that on the mirror? No? What if you had a windshield wiper attached to the mirror? That would work quite well.

First, why on earth would you make this look like a windshield wiper? Honestly it's just a squeegee, you could likely make it look a little more attractive. Then again, you wouldn't have that great conversation piece in your bathroom, where you're bound to have awkward situations where small talk would be great. This appears to be a concept only at this point.

Bathroom Mirror Windshield Wiper [via ohgizmo]