A wild iPhone X appears in unofficial videos

Analysts are suggesting that the iPhone X will be late to launch, later than the end of the month schedule. It almost seems to be not the case given that there are now two sightings of the iPhone X in the wild. Well, alleged iPhone X, of course. Given the unknown source of these videos and photos, it could very well be "insider" models as well. Nonetheless, they are already whetting would-be owners' appetites for the most unique and also most expensive iPhone to date.

There are very few things that can be squeezed out of these leaks that we haven't seen before. The design of the iPhone's first ever OLED display, including its soon to be notorious notch, is already public knowledge. So is the glassy back, that comes in black or white, and the silver band that comes with the latter.

One thing that does make its debut here is a new dynamic wallpaper. Believed to be exclusive to the iPhone X, this new wallpaper features bubbles rising and seemingly moving based on the movement of the iPhone itself. While traditionally seen as a battery waster, the iPhone X's new OLED screen might have better efficiency in using such dynamic (not live) but dark images.

The iPhone X is easily the most anticipated smartphone of the year, or even since 2016, in fact. It's tenth anniversary smartphone ironically throws out a lot of the things that have been staples of the iPhone line over the years, including its topnotch LCD screens and its Touch ID.

That last bit is perhaps the most contentious aspect of the iPhone X (next to the notch perhaps). Apple is billing its new 3D face authentication as something more convenient and more secure than fingerprints but has yet to be tested en masse. It is also the component, not the OLED screen as earlier speculated, that might be causing the iPhone X's delay as well.

Another iPhone X in the wild from apple

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