A TV of square bubbles

Now that almost every Jack, Jill and Fanny has their swanky flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, you need to go a little bit further if you want to impress the neighbours when you invite them round for sherry and some mild wife-swapping.  Might I suggest the Zgiga TV 2?  Currently only in concept form, it's an amalgam of an LCD display and BluRay/HD-DVD player in a beautiful wooden case.

Being not fully flush with the wall, Zgiga is intended to serve as a somewhat decorative shelf for a phone, a vase or perhaps a bowl of car keys.  The black cube section is the DVD player, fronted with a touch-sensitive control panel.  Crafted by Ori Takemura, Zgiga TV 2 recently won a red dot online award in the Design Concept category.

qixen-p design studio [via Coolest Gadgets]