A rainbow-themed Bentley Mulliner Bacalar shows off the spectrum of colors

Bentley recently held an online competition for colleagues and their families to design a Bentley Mulliner Bacalar. The winner of that contest is the rainbow-themed car seen below. The rainbow paint was applied to an extremely rare and exclusive Barchetta-style Bacalar that the automaker says relaunches true coachbuilding at Bentley Mulliner.The rainbow-themed car was created from the paint range that Bentley offers on the rare vehicle, including rich reds, vibrant mid-tones, and energetic blues and purples. There are seven colors in all the makeup of the Bentley rainbow. One of the colors is called Dragon Red II that is a metallic red aiming to evoke a sense of speed and presence.

Orange Flame is an orange color mixed with Micah pigment and powdered aluminum that is applied in a single layer topped with a clear coat. Yellow Flame is a color created for the recently launched Bentley Mulliner Bacalar that uses a pigment that contains rice husk ash, a byproduct of the rice industry.

Apple Green is a bespoke Bentley color that it says is a "fresh, modern hue in the green spectrum." Jetstream II is a "light, very fine, almost powder blue metallic finish." The color transitions between an elegant blue in cool light to silver in warm light. Sequin Blue is an iconic Bentley color; it was originally a special request from a customer to match the color one of her favorite ball gowns. The color is one of the top 10 most popular paints for Bentley customers.

Azure Purple is a dark and rich shade with blue undertones created when the automaker is asked to match the color of the beautiful African Violet flower. While Bentley is celebrating its rainbow of colors, it's also reminding that it is using 3D printing machines to produce more than 30,000 face shields at its factory in England to be donated to medical facilities fighting coronavirus.