A Quiet Place Part II movie release date bumped yet again

A Quiet Place Part II, the sequel to the 2018 horror movie, was originally set to hit theaters in March 2020 — around the same time the pandemic was declared, causing widespread lockdowns and throwing the movie industry into chaos. As with many other planned movie releases, A Quiet Place Part II was delayed...and now it has just been bumped to a later date by several months.

Though many theaters have re-opened in a limited fashion, the industry is still in an awkward place as many people choose to stream content at home rather than see it in the cinema. Uncertainty about how much longer the pandemic will last, including vaccine timelines, has made it difficult to anticipate where the industry will be months from now.

Many movies that were set to release in early 2020 ended up bumped to later in the year, and A Quiet Place Part II was no exception. Paramount originally moved the premiere date from March to September 2020, but that quite obviously didn't work out and, as with titles like WW84, the date was changed again to April 2021.

It's clear at this point that the pandemic will not be over by April and that vaccine rollouts are taking longer than many had hoped. As such, Paramount has bumped the movie's release date to September 17, 2021, according to Deadline, with the studio again choosing to wait for a theatrical release rather than give in and drop the movie on a streaming service.

The decision to stick with a theatrical release plan rather than premiere the movie on Paramount+ is a bit surprising. As expected, CBS All Access will be rebranded to Paramount+ in coming weeks under ViacomCBS, and adding a feature film like A Quiet Place Part II could be a way to draw in new subscribers.