A Quiet Place is getting a horror video game adaptation in 2022

Hit movie A Quiet Place is the inspiration for a single-player horror video game adaptation scheduled for release next year. It's easy to see why the movie would inspire a video game: the plot revolves around walking as quietly as possible to avoid alerting hostile, violent aliens who really dislike noise.

The upcoming A Quiet Place video game was announced on Tuesday by EP1T0ME, which says it will work with Saber Interactive and iLLOGIKA to develop a single-player video game adaptation based on the movie. According to the company, A Quiet Place the game will be story-driven, giving gamers another title that allows them to embed themselves within the world.

Though the video game adaptation will be based on the hit Paramount movie, EP1T0ME says the title will present an original storyline based on the monster-infested universe. Gamers are promised "gameplay that captures the compelling suspense, emotion and drama for which the series is famous." Development for the game has already started at iLLOGIKA.

iLLOGIKA studio boasts notable talent behind some hit game titles, including Rainbow Six and Far Cry. Saber Interactive, meanwhile, will publish A Quiet Place the game. EP1T0ME doesn't have any other details about the title at this time, a teaser image aside, but it promises to return with more information about A Quiet Place later this year.

In a statement about the project, Saber Interactive Head of Publishing Todd Hollenshead said:

The amazing success of the "A Quiet Place" movies makes it clear audiences are hungry for more adventures in this universe, and iLLOGIKA is creating their own truly engaging experience that lives up to the name of this beloved property. We are proud to say that "A Quiet Place" is the first game we will be releasing by an external studio from the growing Saber publishing label.