A Produkt shows off kork iPad Case

When it comes to iPad cases they all tend to be made from similar material like plastic or silicon. A few are made from leather and some from nylon as well. A new case has debuted from the company called A Produkt and the case is made for a very interesting, green, and unique material. The case is called the kork.

The material the case is made from is recycled and recyclable cork material, the same stuff your bulletin board at home or the office is probably made from. The case leaves all of the buttons and ports of the iPad uncovered and it has an angled audio output area to shoot the sound out to the listener's ear.

The case is lightweight and designed to grip the iPad snugly when installed. The non-abrasive cork material should prevent scratches as well. You can get the case for €49.95 and you can see the kork in action below.