A notchless iPhone makes a brief cameo in a Ted Lasso episode

Many iPhone fans would agree that one of the smartphone's worst aspects is the notch taking up a portion of the front screen. Apple uses the notch as a place to put its sensors and front-facing camera and has since it moved to thin screen bezels. The size of the notch has changed over time, getting smaller, but it still bothers many people who prefer the front of their smartphone to be all screen.

Some Android devices have ditched the notch altogether in favor of hole-punch or pop-up cameras. Previous rumors suggested that the coming iPhone 13 models would have a smaller notch than the current iPhone 12 models. However, recently on the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso what appears to be an iPhone 13 5G smartphone makes an appearance in a scene, and it has no notch.

If the show was on any other platform, you might chalk it up to a prop department grabbing a dummy device that looked like a real-world product but isn't. However, considering this is a show on Apple's TV network, many believe it's a teaser hinting that the next-generation iPhone models will ditch the notch altogether.

The phone is seen twice in an episode called "The Signal." Both times it appears to have the standard iPhone interface, but there is no doubt that it lacks the notch on the front. The iPhone could be the work of a prop department, but it seems unlikely. If the iPhone 13 finally eliminates the notch, it would be a significant step forward for Apple and would likely push many iPhone users to upgrade.

While it's difficult to tell from screen captures from the episode, but there doesn't appear to be a pop-up system for the front camera, suggesting there may be an under-screen camera sensor. The new iPhone 13 models are expected to be revealed next month. However, it's worth noting the device is also seen from the back, and it looks almost exactly like the current iPhone 12 and does have an Apple logo.