A mysterious Sony Xperia product is coming later this month

With all the attention that the likes of Apple, Samsung, and even OnePlus are getting these days, it's almost too easy to forget that there are other previously big names still running the rat race known as the smartphone market. HTC may have silently slid into the background to cater to very specific markets, but Sony is still pushing hard in almost all its serviced countries. It hasn't exactly been making great strides, though, so it's rather surprising that it has scheduled an announcement for a new Xperia product in about two weeks.

Sony actually already launched its three main Xperia flagships for the year, all marked by the "III" (Roman numeral 3) to denote the third generation of this particular iteration. The Xperia 1 III is naturally the leader of the group, with high-end specs and a matching price tag. The Xperia 5 III and the Xperia 10 III, on the other hand, take the features down a few notches in order to meet more constrained budgets.

That pretty much leaves nothing else for Sony to announce, at least as far as high-end smartphones go. That does, however, still leave some room for less premium devices that the company did provide at one point in time. There was actually an Xperia 10 III Lite a few months ago that didn't exactly make waves, but there is also an Xperia L series that has yet to see a 2021 incarnation.

Regardless of what it actually has planned, Sony is scheduling an October 26th virtual event for that announcement. If it is indeed a phone, it would be one of the last new models to drop this year, just in time before the holiday shopping season begins.

Of course, it also runs the risk of being overshadowed by the bigger names that will have their own events in the coming days. The Pixel 6 will most likely take center stage, but the OnePlus 9 RT will also be competing for attention, probably on a different market tier.