A keyboard cleaner that might just work

Chances are, if you peer down between the cracks between the keys in your keyboard, it's not a pretty sight. Over time various bits of food and other things tend to fall down inside only to be forgotten. However, if you want to keep that keyboard sanitary, I've got just the thing.

No, it's not a new keyboard. Though it might seem easier to just buy a new one sometimes. The OneClean Keyboard Cleaner has a cleaning spray, and more importantly, a hard sponge that fits down between the keys. The sponge can actually drag the gunk to one end of the keyboard, where it can be easily cleaned out.

When it comes to something like this, I'm an all-or-nothing kinda guy. Either I'm going to take all of the keys off and give it a good cleaning, (yes, I've done this numerous times) or I just go buy a new one. (Usually the keyboard is in pretty bad shape before I go that far.)

A keyboard cleaner with teeth [via crave]