"A Juicy Surprise for Tomorrow" says Microsoft's Sr. Director of Communications for Windows Phone

If you are a big fan of Windows Phone 7 today is an important day for you with some really cool apps finally landing for the platform. WinPo 7 is finally getting some of the apps that other smartphone platforms have been enjoying for a long time now. Perhaps the most important of them is Angry Birds, which is now available for Windows Phone. Angry Birds is "the app" for many mobile phone users and Android fans have been known to buy handsets based on whether it will play that game or not.

Along with Angry Birds a bunch of other new apps are landing for Windows Phone 7 users. The other apps that are available now include Epicurious, Eventful, Dictionary.com, Kik, and GoWalla. This information all came from a tweet by Bill Cox, Microsoft's Senior Director of Communications for Windows Phone. Cox also offered up a tease for tomorrow in the tweet.

Cox taunted that "a juicy surprise for tomorrow" was coming. I wonder what that surprise will be. What do you think might be coming? Do you think the surprise will be more apps or perhaps new smartphones? It's interesting to me how many business are taking to tweeting things like this that you might not hear about if you weren't following key employees on twitter.