A guitar that plays music by itself

Chris Scott Barr - Apr 16, 2007

Despite my Guitar Hero abilities, I can’t play a real guitar to save my life. I’ve tried, I really have, my dad and brother both play. I guess I got the short end of the stick on real musical abilities. Thats why I stick to my plastic guitar. However, if you want to make real music from a guitar, this might be an easy way.

It’s a CD player that is a replica of a real guitar. Not only does it play CDs, but it will also play DVDs and let you listen to AM/FM radio too. Thia crazy music player comes to us courtesy of designer Ngai LUEN.

I’m not really sure what would posess someone to turn a guitar into a CD player, but it looks pretty cool. They even include a stand and wall mount. No word on pricing or availability.

Electric-Guitar Shaped CD Player
[via bornrich]

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