A-DATA 4GB DDR3 memory for laptops, desktops & servers

Ewdison Then - Jul 28, 2009, 5:59 am CDT
A-DATA 4GB DDR3 memory for laptops, desktops & servers

A-DATA have introduced 4GB DDR3 DRAM single-modules into their range of performance memory.  The new capacity stick will be available across the company’s U-DIMM desktop RAM, SO-DIMM laptop RAM and unbuffered ECC-DIMM/ECC Registered DIMM RAM workstation/server lines.  


The workstation ECC-DIMM modules have been tested with Nehalem and Intel Tylersburg chips, passing the industry-benchmarking tests for reliability and compatibility.  In addition, A-DATA claim there are power consumption and heat dissipation benefits to using a single, large stick rather than multiple smaller-capacity DDR3 chips.

We’re waiting to hear back from A-DATA regarding pricing and availability of the new memory.

Update: The 4GB A-DATA memory will have a US MRSP of $99.99.

Press Release:

A-DATA Technology Extends Its Entire DDR3 Lineup with 4GB Single Module

Taipei, Taiwan – July 28, 2009 – A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., the worldwide leader in DRAM modules and Flash application products, leads the industry by announcing today the availability of high-capacity 4GB single module for its entire DDR3 offering, which includes U-DIMM for desktops, SO-DIMM for laptops, and unbuffered ECC-DIMM/ECC Registered DIMM for workstations and servers.

Memories have been quickly evolving to the next generation DDR3 as memory requirement for both hardware and software has grown significantly to cope with the increasingly sophisticated applications and the latest platforms. To address the needs for a more powerful memory support, A-DATA makes high-density memory upgrade available and much easier by offering high-capacity 4GB DDR3 in single module.

In addition to the memories for desktops and laptops, to complete this high-capacity solution, unbuffered ECC-DIMM and ECC Registered DIMM were also introduced, each passed the industry-benchmarking tests on compatibility and reliability with Intel Tylersburg platform and Nehalem processor. Available in all speed standards for all types of systems, the 4GB DDR3 single module from A-DATA brings not only capacity, but also lower energy consumption and better heat dissipation, making it an ideal memory expansion solution for PC enthusiasts or professionals who demand top-notch computing power and system stability.

All of A-DATA memory modules pass rigorous cross-platform and durability testing to ensure quality, compatibility and satisfying performance to customers. Now get free download Norton Internet Security™ (60-day Trial) with any purchase of A-DATA DRAM modules, allowing users to upgrade both performance and security at the same time. A-DATA memory modules also come with a lifetime warranty.

About A-DATA
A-DATA Technology, the world’s 2nd largest vendor of DRAM Modules (iSuppli, May 2009), 4th largest of USB Flash Drives (Gartner, May 2009), and the Top 20 global brand in Taiwan, provides complete memory solutions, including DRAM Modules, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Solid State Drives and Portable Hard Drives. Committed to constant innovation, A-DATA delivers first-rate quality and industry-leading product performance to worldwide customers. Widely known for its distinctive design, A-DATA products are internationally recognized by Germany’s iF Design Award, Reddot Award, CES Best of Innovations Award, Japan’s Good Design Award, Best Choice of Computex Award, and Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. For more information, please visit our website at www.adata-group.com

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