Today's Wordle Answer #442 - September 4, 2022 Solution And Hints

How would you describe this week in Wordle? We hope you've kept your streak going, and more importantly, that you've been having fun and learning new words. If today's puzzle is more difficult than entertaining, read on for some tips to crack the code. We'll also reveal the answer in the second section so you can skip on down if you don't mind the spoiler. And here's yesterday's answer if you missed it.

Today's puzzle is an interesting one — the letter combination isn't all that unusual, but the word itself isn't one you might readily guess. It's a verb, but it's more commonly used as a prefix to mean "between," or "involving two or more" of the stem word. Also, there are two vowels in today's word —I and E— and they're the first and fourth letters respectively.We'll reveal the solution word after the next image — you probably shouldn't go any further if you want to arrive at the answer by yourself.

The answer is synonymous with bury

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#442 – September 4, 2022) is inter. It's more commonly used as a prefix, rather than in the context of depositing a dead body in the ground or a tomb.

You'll find inter in common words like international, intercultural, inter-ethnic, inter-departmental, and so on. Merriam-Webster reports that in its usage as a verb, inter has roots in Middle English "enteren," which is from Anglo-French "enterrer," which is itself from Latin "interrare," meaning "in the Earth".

As a prefix, inter has origins in Old Irish "eter" or "iter," which means "between." We solved the puzzle in three guesses, a little faster than today's average of 3.3. Attempts. We chose the word pouty as our strategic first guess, which the WordleBot complimented as an unusual but solid choice. After that we tried the word "train" to eliminate some more vowels, and that revealed enough info for us to solve the puzzle on the third guess.