Today's Wordle Answer #434 - August 27, 2022 Solution And Hints

It took most players 4.5 guesses to solve today's Wordle puzzle; it took WordleBot four tries, and it took us three. It's a wonderful start to the weekend, and we want the same for you. So, we'll share hints and tips for solving today's puzzle, and also reveal the full answer in the second section.

Today's answer is a comparative adjective, and it has two vowels, U and E (as the second and fourth letter), and a repeated consonant, R, as the first and last letter. The word itself means to behave in an uncivilized, coarse, or vulgar manner. In other contexts, it could also mean being inexperienced or lacking skill.

If someone spoke to you more harshly and with more disrespect than another person did, they were [this word]. It's very likely that you've used the word in its four-letter form a whole lot more than you've used it in this context. Figured out the puzzle yet? Check below the next image for the answer if you're still unsure.

The word also means to be simpler

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#434 – August 27, 2022) is ruder. Apart from the definitions we've mentioned above, it also means to be in a raw(er) or (more) undeveloped state (via Merriam-Webster). In other contexts, it would also describe a state of being simple, elemental, or rudimentary. If you're looking for an example of a famous person that embodies this word, look to Rihanna or Prince, for there are none ruder.

The word rude has roots in Middle English, from Anglo-French "rudus," which means "broken stone"; and Latin "rudis," which means "unwrought"; and probably from Latin "rudus," which means rubble.

Like yesterday, we picked WordleBot's favorite starter word, crane. We followed up with the word route, and by the third try the answer became apparent. It's a lucky strike that we hope we (and you) carry into the rest of the weekend.