Corsair's 45-Inch Gaming Display Literally Bends Its OLED Before Your Eyes

Despite being a fairly new piece of technology, the past few years have witnessed an upsurge in the popularity of curved monitors. While the first few generations of curved displays primarily targeted gamers, today, it is not uncommon to come across curved monitors in offices and work-from-home environments. A major reason for the uptick in the number of people moving to curved monitors is the significant tangible benefits they offer over flat panels.

Apart from offering an immersive viewing experience for gamers, curved monitors typically come in wider aspect ratios compared to flat monitors. This feature alone makes curved monitors better suited for work that needs wider screen real estate. The wider screen also lets users open and view more windows at once.

A large number of people considering a dual monitor setup have also moved to ultra wide curved monitors simply because they offer the same benefits at nearly the same cost, minus the complexities involved in setting them up. If these benefits weren't enough, there is also the undeniable fact that curved monitors are inherently cooler to look at.

All things said, if you are in the market to get yourself a new monitor, you have no option but to choose between a standard flat panel or a curved monitor. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but Corsair is looking to change that. Its newest 45-inch monitor can transform itself from a flat screen to a curved form factor in a few seconds.

Meet the Corsair Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240

The big selling point of the Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240 monitor is its large 45-inch bendable W-OLED display that has been sourced from LG. Depending on their needs, users can manually convert the Xeneon Flex panel from a standard flat panel for work into a gaming-oriented curved panel. Corsair provides twin handles at either end of the panel to manually bend the display.

The W-OLED panel used on the Xeneon Flex 45WQHD24 boasts a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels in the 21:9 aspect ratio. The panel — at 1,000 nits — is quite bright and claims a contrast ratio of 1,350,000:1. The monitor also supports a 240Hz refresh rate and is compatible with both NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync.

While Corsair stopped short of talking about a launch date for the Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240, the company says that it will announce availability details later this year. The product will, however, be showcased at Gamescom 2022. When Corsair launches the Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240, get ready, because the expectation is that it will be positioned as a niche product that will definitely not come cheap.