Fitbit's Fall Lineup Includes New Inspire, Versa, And Sense Models

Fitbit has lifted the covers from its fresh set of wearable devices. First in line is the mid-tier Versa 4 smartwatch, which looks almost identical to the new Sense 2, and brings back the physical side button. The Versa 4 introduces a new trick called Sleep Profile that relies on 10 sleep metrics to provide a detailed breakdown of sleep patterns. Fitness enthusiasts can choose from over 40 exercise modes, which now include new options like CrossFit, dance, and HIIT.

The Stress Management Score assists users with workouts to cope with, well, stress. The Daily Readiness Score tells users about their body condition on a particular day, informing users whether it's a good day for a workout or worth taking a rest based on sensor analysis. Built-in GPS is part of the package, too, which means you don't need a phone for outdoor workouts. Aside from the usual connectivity features such as app notifications and alerts, the latest Fitbit smartwatches will soon bring support for the Google Maps and Google Wallet apps, as well.

Both of the new smartwatches are said to last six days on a single charge, while fast charging support ensures that 12 minutes of electrical top-up is enough to cover a full day of usage. The Versa 4 costs $229.95 and can already be pre-ordered from the company's official website. Owing to the build similarities with the Sense 2, the Versa 4 can be outfitted with the same set of strap options as its flagship sibling.

New sensor for the Sense 2

Focusing on the Sense 2 model, it introduces a new Body Response sensor that continuously tracks what Fitbit calls electrodermal activity (EDA). In a nutshell, cEDA data is combined with heart rate, pulse variation, and skin temperature data to assess body stress levels at any given time. Once the sensor does its job, the Body Response notification will guide users through activities like breathing and mindfulness sessions to alleviate stress levels.

Temperature sensing has also made its way to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and is heavily rumored to appear on the Apple Watch Series 8, as well. Another notable change is that the solid-state side button on the previous-gen Sense that vibrated based on the specific touch response is gone. The indented button was quite finicky and users lambasted it for the unreliable experience.

Instead, Fitbit has resurrected the physical button for both the Sense 2 and Versa 4. In doing so, Fitbit also bonded the metal electrodes of the sensing array with the display glass, thanks to a new technique that is said to turn metal into vapor inside the chamber. The Sense 2 will hit the shelves priced at $299.99 and is now up for pre-orders from the website. Custom leather bands are also available priced at $54.95, but you can also choose from less expensive options like sports and vegan leather bands.

Major fitness tracker upgrades

The most affordable entry in Fitbit's update wearable portfolio is the Inspire 3 fitness tracker. The new model sheds the detached strap design of its predecessor in favor of a design that locks the band more securely around the main body. Another major change has been made to the screen. Upgrading from the monochrome black and white screen on the Inspire 2, its successor adopts a color touch screen. On the sensing side of things, it can measure breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation level, and impressively, skin temperature, too.

Fitbit touts a 10-day battery life (three days with always-on display mode) for the Inspire 3 and says it can survive immersion at a depth of up to 164 feet. Aside from the usual calorie, step, stress, and heart rate tracking, it is also capable of logging Active Zone minutes. The sleep dashboard offers a glimpse at metrics like sleep score and stages. There are also mindfulness exercise features, while the Health Metrics dashboard offers a holistic view of activity, sleep, and stress levels.

Priced at $99.95, Inspire 3 will go on sale starting today from Fitbit's official website, while a global rollout will happen throughout September. As with the new Sense and Versa smartwatches, the company is also bundling six months of its Fitbit premium subscription with the Inspire 3. In the styling department, you can jazz up the looks with the new translucent and premium steel chain bands in addition to the usual silicone straps.