Today's Wordle Answer #424 - August 17, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is around the same medium level on the difficulty scale as yesterday's answer, and that's a good thing. WordleBot reports that it took most players 3.7 guesses to figure out the answer. We did it in five, but we want to help you crack the code in fewer guesses than that. So, here are some hints and tips for solving today's Wordle puzzle (#424 – August 17, 2022). We'll also reveal the full answer in the second section so you can skip on down if you prefer.

Today's word is a pretty common one, and it has a straightforward letter combination, as well. There are no repeated consonants, and it features two vowels — "I" and "E" — as the third and fifth letters, respectively. The first letter is a "T," and the word is an adverb of frequency that qualifies when something is done in a doubled quantity or degree. If you were seriously considering a decision or a course of action, you'd say you were thinking [the solution word]. Did you figure it out? Good job! Look below the next image for the answer if you're still unsure.

The word rhymes with mice

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle is twice, which means for something to happen on two occasions or to a doubled degree. The word twice has roots in the late Old English words "twies," "twiga," or "twigea," which all mean two times. It's the root of popular idioms like "think twice," "once bitten, twice shy," "twice-laid" (which does not mean what you might think it means), and "lightning never strikes the same place twice" (although that's scientifically debatable).

Today we started guessing with the word grout since we're still boycotting the WordleBot's favorite starter word, crane. We followed up with the words plaid and twine to eliminate all of the vowels, and we ended up at "twice" on the fifth guess. It would have been better to solve the puzzle in two tries so we could say we only had to think twice about it. If you get that chance, do take it. You'd have twice the bragging rights among your friends today: one for the good pun and one for solving the puzzle so quickly.