Canon's EOS R5 Gets The Transformers Treatment

The Transformers franchise has included consumer products for quite some time, which isn't surprising considering the global fandom around the mythos of these warring cybernetic beings. From acclaimed animated franchises to decidedly cheesy live-action films, there is a ton of Transformers content out there to keep everyone engaged. Canon wants to cash in on the fame, too. 

The result is a pair of collectible toys that look like Transformers with a DSLR camera for their main body — or, to put it more accurately, like a DSLR camera that grew limbs and transformed into a robot. Modeled after the Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera, this is not actually a working camera; it's a scaled version of the real model that only reaches 80% of the actual camera's dimensions, but with a lot of moving (read: transforming) parts. 

Once the right pieces have been stretched out, what you get is a version of Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobot faction in all his iconic red and blue glory. In the transformed state, the figure uses the lens cap as a shield, which is actually a neat design touch. Dubbed Optimus R5, the toy retains an iconic element of the legendary transformer's design. Right above the lens opening, you can see the Matrix of Leadership, the ancient artifact of great power carried by all Autobots bearing the mantle of a Prime.

The Decepticons haven't been forgotten

Created in partnership with Takara Tomy, Canon has also worked on a camera-esque transformer for fans of the dark side. This second collectible is shaped after the Decepticon named Reflector. Just like its Prime counterpart, this one also had an artifact resembling the Matrix of Leadership in the chest area, possibly with Dark Energon links.

The attention to detail is impeccable here. Every element, from the buttons to the textured grip, has been reproduced with high accuracy and true-to-life proportions. All the familiar parts like the shutter button, main dial, viewfinder, and control dial — among other things — have been crafted meticulously.

For all of its appeal to the Transformer stans and Canon fans, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind if you've already decided to splurge on the toys. First, they're scheduled for release in February 2023. Second, Takara Tomy currently has plans to sell the figurines in Japan only, and there is no word about whether it will ever make them available in overseas markets. The collectibles are priced at 19,800 Japanese Yen, which roughly translates to $150 based on the current conversion rates.