Google Pixel Fold Comes Back From The Dead, Boasting Compelling Specs

We have been hearing about the mythical Google Pixel Fold for so long now that it has become easy for most people to dismiss any rumors surrounding it as vaporware. Most tech enthusiasts may recall that Google's first attempt at a foldable smartphone was initially rumored to launch by fall 2021 alongside the Pixel 6 series. The appearance of a hitherto unseen foldable smartphone in Android 12L code gave further credence to these rumors.

However, November 2021 saw reports emerge about Google canceling the entire project. Apparently, the management executives at Google thought that the Pixel Fold they had envisioned had little chance of standing up against stiff competition from Samsung's foldable offerings.  Reports at that time also suggested that Google also believed the state of the mobile market did not demand another foldable device.

Just when everyone thought that a foldable smartphone from Google might never become a reality, the Pixel Fold came back to life again following a February 2022 tweet by Ross Young — CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC). Young claimed that Google has started working on the foldable smartphone again. Back then, he estimated that the device would launch by the fourth quarter of 2022.

And if we are to believe the usually trustworthy Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station (DCS), Google may actually be able to stick to that timeline and launch the Pixel Fold before the end of 2022. In the latest Weibo post by DCS, a potential spec sheet of the Google Pixel Fold is discussed.

Ceramic body, 2K display, and a new Tensor chip

According to Digital Chat Station, Google signed a deal with Foxconn to make two of its flagship devices for 2022. These include the upcoming Google Pixel 7 Pro and the much rumored Google Pixel Fold. While he did not seem to have access to renders of the Pixel Fold, he claims that the device will feature a flexible screen with a centered hole punch for the front-facing camera. As far as the display specs go, rumors suggest that the main display will boast a 2K display resolution.

The Pixel Fold's camera setup will likely include a 50MP camera sensor — possibly the same one that the Pixel 7 will get. In addition to this, Digital Chat Station also talks about the phone using the IMX 787 sensor for its secondary camera. The most interesting camera-centric rumor, however, is the possibility that the phone could get a dedicated periscope camera with variable focal length capabilities. This would be a first on any Pixel device, if true.

While we know precious little about the design aspects of the Pixel Fold, there is a possibility of the device featuring a ceramic body. Interestingly, the rumor also talks about the likelihood of Google equipping the phone with a new generation of Tensor chips under the Tensor 2 branding.

Given the Digital Chat Station's track record, there is a good chance that Google is indeed working on bringing the Pixel Fold late this year. However, as with most rumors, we would recommend taking this piece of news with the traditional pinch of salt.