Airstream And REI Teamed Up On A Super-Green Camper With A Cool Solar Power Roof

Airstream has partnered with Seattle-based outdoor retail consumer co-op REI for a new camper based on the former's popular Basecamp trailer. The REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp Travel Trailer is just a bit different from any Airstream that's come before. It's typically the same 16-foot Basecamp travel trailer that offers the appurtenances of modern living like a full bathroom, an outdoor shower, and a modular interior. However, the special edition Basecamp emphasizes sustainability above all else. The biggest draw is an upgraded 360W solar package with two lithium battery packs and roof-mounted solar panels that offer plenty of juice when off the grid.

"This partnership is another example of the efforts we're taking to help reduce the carbon footprint of travel across the world in an Airstream," said Bob Wheeler, Airstream president and CEO. "This one-of-a-kind Basecamp travel trailer has helped us step into new territories and explore more sustainable manufacturing practices and materials as we work to prioritize caring for the environment."

Environmentally Friendly Camper

The purpose of camping is to be in solidarity (and solitude) with the environment. Airstream and REI Co-op's newest camper is taking it up a notch. The Basecamp Special Edition has a recirculating water heater, a UV-LED water purification system, and an optional composting toilet. Inside, the camper features Earth-friendly materials like Knoll recycled fabrics and laminates, sustainably grown wood cabinetry, and a cutting board sink cover derived from recycled paper.

The camper has a standard 200W solar option and an optional 360W package with two 100Ah lithium batteries. In addition, it has a portable solar input feature that allows you to plug in more solar panels and harvest more energy. Also included are 12V tank heaters that prevent the tanks from freezing when the furnace is off in chilly weather.

"This special-edition travel trailer collaboration is an excellent solution for vehicle-supported camping," said Isabelle Portilla, divisional vice-president, REI Co-op brands product strategy and design. "It enables a comfortable and personal experience, whether they enjoy booking Hipcamp reservations or being self-sustained at a more remote location."

REI Co-op product kit

The Special Edition Basecamp Travel Trailer comes with a 25-piece REI Co-op product kit. It includes two Flexlite Dreamer Chairs, a Campwell Picnic Table Cover, OXO kitchen utensils, a Camp roll table, REI-branded towels, mugs, and many more. REI designed everything to store neatly inside the camper while maximizing room.

The 16-foot Basecamp camper has a modular dining and lounge area that converts into a 76-inch by 76-inch bed to sleep two adults. Other neat features include a multi-layered green slate countertop, exposed birch plywood, a two-burner stove, a stainless steel sink, and a graphite black faucet. Furthermore, the Airstream X-Package adds more rugged features like a three-inch lift kit, custom aluminum wheels wrapped in knobby off-road tires, stainless steel stone guards, and a front window cover to protect against harsh UV rays.

Airstream is now accepting orders for its newest Special Edition REI Co-op Basecamp trailer. Prices start at around $52,900 before options.