This Custom Armored Cadillac Escalade Can Shrug Off Assault Rifles And Grenades

Inkas, the Canadian automotive armoring brand that specializes in making toughened ultra-luxe vehicles, has given its signature reinforcement treatment to the Cadillac Escalade. The result of Inkas' tweaking is the Armored Cadillac Escalade "Chairman" VIP edition, a V8-powered machine that combines all of the SUV's luxuries and signature ride experience with ballistic protection.

Inkas touts CEN 1063 BR6 level protection for its custom Cadillac SUV, and claims that the vehicle offers "all-around ballistic protection from 7.62mm ammunition and up to 2 (two) DM51 hand grenades." According to Denmark's Aurum Security, a B6 layer can stop 30.06 AP armor piercing and penetrators round, and it's also quite resistant to explosions.

As per ARMAT, which also specializes in providing similar security solutions, a CEN-certified EN 1063 security layer of the BR6 class is capable of stopping three rifle rounds (7.62 X51 caliber) traveling at roughly 2,690 feet per second and shot from a distance of approximately 4.7 inches. The Inkas Cadillac Escalade "Chairman" has also been decked out with reinforced suspension and door hinges.

Luxury wedded to security

There are a few optional tweaks and accessories on the table as well, such as an emergency light system, a fire suppression system, custom heavy-duty wheels, and a reinforced brake system. For added security, Inkas will also throw in facilities like night vision camera hardware, satellite TV, secure storage for valuable items and firearms, strobe lights, and a 360-degree visual awareness system.

However, Inkas' latest creation is not all about security only. The company is also serving facilities like fold-away tables, built-in seat massage systems, an automated driver partition with a hidden TV rail, and a 5-inch higher ceiling for more space inside the cabin. The ceiling has been fitted with a custom ambient lighting system, while audio output is handled by a 19-speaker array.

Inkas won't say how much the Armored Cadillac Escalade "Chairman" VIP edition is going to cost on average, considering this is a made-to-order package for special clients. But to give you a rough idea, the 2019 Chairman edition Cadillac Escalade offered by Inkas cost anywhere between $300,000 and half a million dollars. For its 2022 creation, the Canadian company is promising worldwide delivers, complete with the airfreight facility upon request.