Today's Wordle Answer #402 - July 26, 2022 Solution And Hints

Like yesterday, today's Wordle (#402 – July 26, 2022)will be a solid medium on the difficulty scale — it's just enough of a challenge to get your mental muscles working, but not too much to tire you out. If it was a workout, it'd be a light jog. The New York Times' WordleBot says Wordle players are solving today's puzzle in an average of 4.3 guesses, so let's help you knock it out of the park and preserve your streak.

Today's solution has a repeated consonant and only one vowel: "I." It's the dictionary word for what they call on TikTok a "snatched" waist, but it doesn't have the same ring to it. The word you're looking for has a "C" as its first and fourth letter, and it rhymes with "clinch." Also, the answer is synonymous with child's play, which is a little ironic because solving the puzzle wasn't exactly a cakewalk, but today's word is.

Today's solution is a walk in the park

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle is cinch, which can mean one of three things: a strap that holds a saddle on a horse, a super tight grip, or a thing done with ease (via Merriam-Webster). Ironically, it wasn't such a cinch to arrive at the answer. 

We started off with the word broad, which the WordleBot called a solid choice, but it was a particularly unlucky start because it only cut down the possible solutions to a whopping 410 — that's not particularly encouraging when you only have five tries left. Thankfully, we turned three tiles green with our second guess, mince, which cut down the possible solutions to just four (and was spectacular, if we do say so ourselves). After trying the words pinch and finch, we got the answer on the fifth try, which isn't too far from the 4.3 guess average of the day. Hopefully, because of this article, you can finish in fewer tries than we did.