Today's Wordle Answer #401 - July 25, 2022 Solution And Hints

New week, new Wordle. Last week was a fun rollercoaster, and although we may never find a use for those insect names in daily conversations, it's still fantastic to be learning new stuff. If we had to put today's word on a difficulty scale, it would be a solid medium — and that's not a bad start for the week. As always, read on for hints, the full answer to today's Wordle, and tips for getting better at solving Wordle puzzles.

Today's Wordle answer (#401 – July 25, 2022) is a commonly-used word with a repeated vowel. Speaking of vowels, this word has two: one that stands alone and one that is repeated. The first and last letter is "E," and it's what Jessica and Lorenzo resorted to in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice." Will and Lisa of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" did this as well, and that's your clue to the fact that today's word is a verb. If you're not a literature fan and that hint doesn't help you, here's another: today's word is the romantic version of abscondment.

The solution is a romantic getaway

Today's word is elope, which means to run away secretly in order to get married. It's the stuff of romcoms or tragic romance (if you consider Romeo and Juliet). Although, more recently, the usage of elope is changing to mean "small destination wedding," "wedding that is not financially insane," or "wedding that allows us to not invite all the people we would rather not invite" (via Merriam-Webster).

We got the answer in five tries, even though we had three green tiles on the second guess. That's still not so bad considering there were 87 possible words with that letter combination. The WordleBot said it would have solved the puzzle in four guesses, but we're still basking in the triumph of solving yesterday's puzzle in fewer guesses than it did.

Remember, the key to solving Wordle puzzles more efficiently is to use strategic starter words, and to try to establish the pillar letters early on. You can do this by eliminating all the vowels in your first two guesses (audio, ouija, and adieu are great words for doing this). That way, you narrow down your subsequent guesses and have more chances of arriving at the answer faster.