Today's Wordle Answer #400 - July 24, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle puzzle is the 400th, and we like milestones, so that deserves a whoopie or two. Whoop, whoop! Thankfully, today's answer isn't an obscure, annoying insect, unlike that of yesterday. In fact, the solution is a common word, and the letter combination isn't too far out of reach. Still, you're only ever six guesses away from a Wordle failure, so we'll provide hints to help you arrive at the answer in as few guesses as possible. We'll also do a full reveal of the answer so you can just skip on down if that's what you prefer.

Okay, first hint: we have two vowels — "O" and "E" — as the second and fourth letters, respectively. In physics, it's the product of dividing work done by time spent. The word is also the title of a popular 2014 TV series whose main character was Ghost. Get it? Here's another hint if you're still unsure: when you supply mechanical or electrical energy to a device, you're providing it with this word.

The answer is intoxicating

Today's answer is a heady drug capable of making even the staunchest people misbehave. It's also the title of a Kanye West song. Okay, let's not complicate things further. The solution for today's Wordle (#400 – July 24, 2022) is power. It's a pretty common word, and it has roots in Middle English from Anglo-French "poer," which means "to be able."

Today it only took three tries to arrive at the answer after having started with one of the WordleBot's go-to starter words, "stare," which got us one yellow tile. After following up with "wired" and getting two hits out of that, "power" seemed like a viable guess — and it was, thankfully, the solution. The WordleBot reported that it would have solved the puzzle in four tries, and it feels amazing to have beat the all-knowing machine at its own game. That's an ego-boost powerful enough to get through the weekend.