Today's Wordle Answer #396 - July 20, 2022 Solution And Hints

Are you having trouble solving today's Wordle puzzle? We're here to help. Today's solution is a little tricky because it contains a repeated consonant, which isn't always as easy to guess as repeated vowels, and even those are a pain. But as always, we have hints to nudge you towards arriving at the answer yourself. If you prefer to skip the mind games and get the full reveal, head on down to get the answer for Wordle #396 for July 20, 2022.

Here's the first hint: today's Wordle answer is similar to cliché, not that it's an overused word in itself — in fact, it's not commonly used in spoken conversation. Rather, this word is a synonym for clichéd. Also, the solution you're looking for has two vowels — "I" and "E" — in the middle and at the end of the word, respectively. The repeated consonant we mentioned earlier is "T," and it's the first letter of today's Wordle answer, too.

The solution may seem a bit conventional

Alright, now we're just going to spill it: the solution for today's Wordle is trite. With roots in Latin "tritus," it means (for something to be) lacking originality or freshness, or dull on account of overuse. It's what we would have called the "My money don't jiggle jiggle" fad, but it's managed to get so many surprising remakes that it somehow stays fresh.

Today we started off with one of WordleBot's recommended words — price — and it paid off. Three out of those five letters were placed correctly, and it was thrilling to have turned tiles green so early in the game. We ended up solving the puzzle in four guesses, which was a bummer because with such a headstart, it would have been nicer to finish in three. But even the all-knowing WordleBot said it would have solved the puzzle in four guesses, too, so that's an ego boost powerful enough to get us through the week.

Today's Wordle answer also proves that WordleBot's insistence on "crane" as the perfect starter word is truly helpful, as it contains two of the five letters in the solution. As we always recommend, you should start your Wordle guesses with the best starter words – usually words with as many vowels as possible (like audio, adieu, or ouija), common consonants, and no repeat letters. That way, you can find the pillar letters quickly and narrow down your guesses faster so that you arrive at the answer in less than six tries.