Today's Wordle Answer #390 - July 14, 2022 Solution And Hints

The next Wordle puzzle presents something everyone has but few people like, at least depending on the context in which you're approaching it. The solution word for Wordle puzzle #390 on July 14, 2022, manages to pack in two vowels and one rarely used letter, though you're no doubt very familiar with the answer. Not sure what to make of these hints? The word can refer to something inside of the body or something temporarily removed from a body so that it can be ingested. 

You can't live without the solution word — or, at least, the object it refers to — but there's a good chance you may not want to eat it for dinner. Assuming you are one of the people who don't mind consuming this vital object for sustenance, you likely eat it alongside a pile of onions, at least if you cook it the traditional way. As odd as it may sound, you carry the solution with you everywhere you go, and it plays a very important role in your life.

The solution is an acquired taste

Are you feeling thoroughly confused at this point? Here's your last chance to figure out the solution before we tell you it — the answer has the letter "v" in the middle. Still not sure? The solution to Wordle #390 is liver. Everyone has a liver, which is an organ that plays an important role in everything from storing certain vital nutrients to helping filter out toxins and metabolize certain medications (via Johns Hopkins). With that said, many people also consider the liver a tasty organ meat that can be fried — ones that are harvested from cows, of course (via The Atlantic).

As for the word itself, Etymonline reports that liver is derived from the Old English word lifer, and that, oddly enough, it was thought to be the source of love in medieval times, an honor now reserved for the heart. Do you know what's even more interesting? Scientists successfully grew miniature human livers in a lab, helping pave the way for a revolution in the way organs will one day be acquired for transplant.