Nintendo Switch OLED Gets A Splatoon 3 Special Edition This Summer

Ever since Nintendo announced its hybrid gaming console — the Nintendo Switch in 2017 — the company has launched multiple special editions of the product. These special variants are mechanically similar to the vanilla editions of the Nintendo Switch, with most of the differences being of cosmetic nature. Typically, these changes come in the form of special liveries and themes. Examples include Nintendo Switch editions for fans of games like "Super Mario Odyssey," "Monster Hunter Rise," "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," "Diablo 3 Eternal Collection," and "Dragon Quest XI."

Continuing this trend, Nintendo today, announced that it will launch a "Splatoon 3" variant of the Nintendo Switch to coincide with the release of the game on September 9. In a blog post announcing the launch, Nintendo clarified that only the OLED editions of the Nintendo Switch would get the "Splatoon 3" design. In case you aren't aware, the OLED edition of the Nintendo Switch was released less than a year ago with upgrades that were not just limited to a better display. Interestingly, this "Splatoon 3" edition of the OLED Switch will be available to consumers starting August 26, 2022 — a good two weeks before "Splatoon 3" officially releases.

Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch OLED: Everything you need to know

The "Splatoon 3" themed Nintendo Switch OLED edition, surprisingly, comes in a subtle black finish with outlines of images from the game adorning the rear panel. In addition, the controllers designed for the "Splatoon 3" Nintendo Switch OLED come in two color themes. The first has a blue-purple theme, while the other has a yellow-green color combo. Also getting the "Splatoon 3" treatment is the graffiti-themed Nintendo Switch dock, which mimics the patterns on the rear panel of the "Splatoon 3" Switch — albeit in white. What makes the dock stand out, however, is a large splotch of ink on one of its sides.

In addition to this, Nintendo has also come up with a new set of Joy-Con controllers that come in blue and yellow gradient colors — both of them featuring white-colored underbellies. Completing the "Splatoon 3" package for the Nintendo Switch is a themed carrying case. Note that the Joy-Con controllers and the carrying case are optional extras and must be purchased separately starting September 9, 2022.

As for the prices, the "Splatoon 3" OLED Nintendo Switch + Dock + controllers combo has been priced at $359.99, which is $10 more than the standard OLED Switch. The "Splatoon 3" Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will set you back by $74.99, while the carrying case will cost you another $24.99. The "Splatoon 3" game itself will cost users another $59.99 when it releases.