How To Block Music You Don't Like On Spotify

With so much music on Spotify, you're bound to run into an artist you don't particularly like. Spotify recommending a song you aren't into is a surefire way to kill the vibe on your jam session. Thankfully, there is a way to prevent music from specific artists from showing up on Spotify. To do this, you just need to block the artist, which only takes a few seconds. 

Once you've blocked an artist on Spotify, their music will no longer be recommended to you in playlists. Also, if you try to play a song by the artist after searching for them specifically, Spotify won't play it. If you later decide you do want to listen to the artist's music, you can always go back and unblock them. Also keep in mind that if you do block an artist, this won't necessarily stop songs by another artist which feature a blocked artist from appearing. 

How to block an artist on Spotify

You can block any artist on Spotify and mute their songs quite easily. However, it can only be done on mobile. But once you block the artist on mobile, it won't show up on any other devices. Here's how to do it (via Spotify Community.)

1. On Spotify's mobile app, go to the page of the artist you want to block. You can get there by searching for them and tapping their name.

2. On the artist's page, tap on the three dots next to the "Follow" button. 

3. In the menu, tap on "Don't Play This Artist."

Now, Spotify won't recommend any songs from this artist anywhere, across all your devices. If you want to unblock the artist, go back to their page and head to the same menu, and this time tap on "Allow to play this artist." Then you can listen to their music again and it may be recommended to you.