Today's Wordle Answer #376 - June 30, 2022 Word Solution And Hints

Wordle #376 is, once again, going old school. The solution for today's quiz can mean a lot of things, but all of them have something to do with playing host to an object or a living being. If one goes by its direct definitions, the word defines a chest for storing items, a coop for domestic animals, a small cabin made out of wood, or even a cart that is used to carry the ore out of a mining field.

Interestingly, the solution word was also the name of the cellular network service that was later acquired by Vodafone in India. While the services weren't anything remarkable and eventually got the corporate renaming treatment, the series of heart-touching ads featuring a pug named Cheeka is still etched into the memories of a lot of people. Moreover, it also happens to be the surname of a long line of families that reportedly originated in the mountainous regions of Scotland.

For folks interested in the arguably exotic world of furniture and woodworking, they will instantly recognize it as a special type of cabinet that is usually reserved for storing dishes and cutlery. When used as a transitive verb, Wordle's answer for June 30 can also mean hoarding up items in a chest. The word only has a single vowel, a centrally-positioned "u," in case you need more hints.

A lot to unpack here

Alright then, if you haven't guessed the answer by now, it's hutch. It traces its root to the Old French word huche, which means a chest. There's also a Middle English word called hucche with an identical meaning. A few related, but not direct predecessors, include hutica from Medieval Latin, hutta in Frankish, and hudjo in Proto-Germanic, all of which mean some form of a box or a hut.

American singer and songwriter William McKinley Hutchison shortened his name to Willie Hutch soon after he started his professional music career. Hutch co-wrote the song "I'll be there" that was sung by The Jackson 5, but his words have also been given a musical voice by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and Smokey Robinson, among other artists.

Hutches, a clan that is said to have originated in the Scottish lands around the 15th century, moved to Ireland and subsequently to the United States. According to Ancestry data, folks with the surname Hutch were predominantly engaged in labor jobs in the 1920s, followed by farming and clerkship in the United States. In the meanwhile, cheer yourself up with this cute Hutch ad that aired in India over a decade ago.