One Of The Rarest Ferraris Ever Is Now Up For Sale

A one-of-a-kind car has just been put up for auction at the RM Sotheby's auction house. The 2003 Ferrari Enzo is sleek, beautiful, painted in a shade referred to as Bianco Avus, and in all likelihood, very expensive. It's so rare that it could almost be referred to as a legend or a fable. Not only is it the only Ferrari Enzo in Bianco Avus to ever leave Maranello, but it's also largely been hidden away and barely got to hit the road in the nearly twenty years that passed since its creation. After all this time, it's set to be auctioned and sold with no reserve — meaning that regardless of the hammer price, this Ferrari Enzo will change its owner in just a few days.

Built in honor of the owner of the legendary car marque, Enzo Ferrari, the 2003 "White Enzo" is truly unique. Only 400 Ferrari Enzos were ever made, and the production window was quite short, starting in 2002 and ending in 2004. Most of the Ferraris sported the brand's signature Rosso Corsa, but there were a few Nero black and Gallo Modena yellow models, too. Even those seemingly less unique models managed to hit staggering prices upon sale, so one can only wonder just how expensive the Bianco Avus Ferrari Enzo is going to be.

The "White Enzo" was made to order, which is why it's the only such vehicle sporting this unique white finish. With the chassis number of 133023, it's one of only 20 "Extracampionario" cars that were finished in a non-standard color. Some automakers offer this as a standard, but for Ferrari, choosing a custom chassis color is a privilege reserved only for the most important clients. 

The 2003 Enzo has a custom interior

It's not just the chassis that was commissioned to be one of a kind — the interior of the 2003 Ferrari Enzo is unique, too, made in black leather with red for the seat belts and instruments. The millionaire who commissioned this vehicle also ordered wider carbon-fiber bucket seats. The insides of the car, although not made to differ from its siblings, are powerful and barely used. RM Sotheby's stated that the 2003 Ferrari Enzo houses an all-new, mid-mounted, 5,998 cc V-12 engine that can pump up to 651 horsepower. Upon completion and delivery, this Ferrari was scarcely allowed to demonstrate its intense driving capabilities, as it ended up in Matran, Switzerland, where the German-Swiss owner planted it in a friend's car dealership showroom. 

It stood there, drawing customers into the dealership with all of its gloriously iconic exterior, up until 2011, when it was sold and transported to Hong Kong. However, the new owner was unable to register the car due to the fact that its steering wheel is placed on the left. As a result, the 2003 Ferrari Enzo was never really driven for any significant amount of time in Asia. Its odometer reading stands at just 9,600 km, which is just under 6,000 miles.

It's not going to be sold on the cheap

Those who would like to own this piece of automotive history will need to spend a hefty sum to add it to their collection. RM Sotheby's had sold several Ferrari Enzos over the years, but none seem to have sold for less than a million dollars. One rare model of the 2005 Ferrari Enzo, the last of the 400 ever to be created, was gifted by Ferrari to the Pope and later auctioned for charity. That car, painted in Rosso Scuderia (Scuderia Red), managed to fetch a staggering price of $6 million.

Another Ferrari Enzo, this time painted in yellow, was successfully sold in 2015 for €1.2 million. That's a pretty major difference in winning bids, but neither vehicle was cheap. It certainly helps that this year's auction, set to take place on June 29-30, 2022, has no reserve price. No matter the final bid, the 2003 Ferrari Enzo will be sold.