Some Samsung Galaxy Fans Can Now Get Starbucks-Themed Accessories

Smartphone manufacturers try to design phones that will appeal to the general population, but there isn't really a one-size-fits-all style for everyone. Some consumers are fine with what comes out of the box, but there are many others who wish they could spice up or dress up their phones to match their tastes. That's what skins and cases are for, but even those will definitely not cover all the varied interests consumers have. 

That's why it's quite exciting when you see brands release official accessories that let you proclaim your loyalties, like a couple of cases for Samsung's flagship smartphone and earbuds that put your love for coffee front and center — or, at least, reveal your preference for a particular mainstream coffee chain. That's where the new collaboration between Samsung and Starbucks comes in. Fans of the coffee company can now purchase Starbucks-themed cases for the Galaxy S22 and S22+, as well as the Galaxy Buds 2 true wireless earbuds ... but only if you live in South Korea or know someone there who can ship them to you.

Official Starbucks accessories for Samsung users

The mobile phone cases for the Galaxy S22 and S22+ are, as expected, dark green with the iconic Starbucks logo stamped on the back. One variant includes the text "Count the Stars in your Galaxy," a clear play on the two brands' names. The more interesting and probably more divisive cases are for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which appear to be specially-branded versions of Samsung's official Silicone Cover with Strap. That design never sat well with many Galaxy owners, but perhaps a Starbucks design would help change some minds. Amusingly, one variant has a white strap that looks like a Starbucks receipt.

Admittedly, the charging case for the Galaxy Buds 2 is more attractive than the phone cases, if only for its novelty. The case resembles another Starbucks staple — its white ceramic mug, in this case — with the famous heart-shaped latte art on top. Sure, it will take up more space in your bag than the regular case, but it definitely has an eye-catching design you'll want to always put on display.

There is also a more standard and compact charging case that has a dark green shell and white exterior. According to the Starbucks Korea announcement page, the earbuds cases are also compatible with the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro. The coffee shop-themed accessories are currently on sale in limited quantities in South Korea, but there's no word yet on whether a global launch will take place. The collaboration may be limited to South Korea, which would be a shame since coffee is nearly universal, as is the Starbucks brand.