Replacing The Battery Pack On A VW E-Golf Costs More Than You Think

The ownership of any vehicle brings with it certain financial obligations; one of the most expensive and intrusive is vehicle maintenance. Regardless of how old or new a car is, it will sooner or later have mechanical issues. When it comes to electric vehicles like the VW e-Golf, one question many interested buyers have is how much replacing the battery on this electric vehicle will cost.

Consumers often worry about the price of EV battery replacements because they know that these batteries are much bigger and more complex than the ones used in internal combustion cars. Unfortunately, the size and level of complexity lead to higher price tags when it's time to get the battery serviced (via Bloomberg). Despite that, as automotive technology continues to improve, more people are diving into the world of electric vehicle ownership. If you've purchased or you're thinking about buying a VW e-Golf EV, you should know that replacing its battery may come with an unexpectedly huge price tag.

Cost to replace the battery

We know that with the continued use of any car battery, the cells will go through a degradation process. What complicates matters is that each vehicle type has different expectations for how long a battery will last. Potential VW e-Golf buyers should also be aware that although there is an average lifespan for their car's battery, there are outliers as some may have issues earlier than expected. Still, other vehicles may even outlive the promised expectancy.

The cost of replacing the battery in your VW e-Golf is more than you would think. As of 2021, this service on either a 2017 or a 2018 model cost up to an astounding $23,442.91, according to Recurrent Auto. Volkswagen e-Golf owners who are experiencing battery issues should check their car's warranty before paying for repairs because battery replacement may be covered if it happens within eight years of purchase. Though the price is steep, a full-on replacement isn't the only option. You can service the battery pack using either battery reconditioning or having only the faulty battery cells replaced (via Consumer Reports). Both are viable options, though you may find yourself in a situation where a full battery replacement is necessary.

There are a few steps VW e-Golf owners can take to help preserve their EV's battery. First, avoid extremes, which include allowing the battery's charge level to fall too low and overcharging it. Also, it's best to only use fast chargers when you have to, according to Inside EVs. If you're planning to buy a used VW e-Golf car, however, keep in mind that you won't know how the previous owner handled charging and whether they took battery health into consideration.

The good news

While the cost of replacing the battery in your VW e-Golf may surpass your expectations, there is still some good news for both potential buyers and current owners. Although it doesn't always happen, most EV batteries will outlast the vehicles they power, according to research from GeoTab. As well, it's uncommon for EV batteries to prematurely malfunction, and such instances should be covered by the vehicle's warranty, meaning the repair won't cost you anything.

The other good news involves the costs of the battery packs used to power electric cars like the VW e-Golf — the prices are declining across the board, which means the cost of buying an electric vehicle will decrease in time, putting EVs within the means of more consumers (via Car and Driver). This change is significant because although the e-Golf is no longer in production, both current owners and people who may potentially buy the car used will have a lower cost associated with replacing their battery packs.