Twelve South HiRise3 Charger Wants To Get Your Nightstand Into Shape

If your nightstand is a cluttered mess, iPhone accessory company Twelve South may have a solution for you. The South Carolina-based business has just launched a compact three-in-one desk charger that is designed to save space, keep your desk in order, and make sure your Apple products have full batteries when you wake up in the morning. The standing charger, which has been dubbed the "HiRise 3," comes with a number of features that may set it apart as the third-party charging station of choice for Apple fans.

The charger is compatible with Apple's MagSafe system, which has been a charging option since the iPhone 12. This isn't Twelve South's first rodeo when it comes to MagSafe-based standing iPhone chargers, with the company having previously released the "Forte Stand." At just five inches high, the Forte Stand was also compact but was not aimed at as wide a range of devices as the HiRise3.

For iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods

If your iPhone is older and doesn't support MagSafe, you can still charge it on the HiRise 3. The base acts as a traditional fast charger, so you can simply lay the phone on it. Unfortunately, this compatibility comes at a cost. Laying an older phone down takes up space you could be using to charge a pair of AirPods, and you'll also lose access to one of the HiRise 3's cooler features — the ability to charge your device while it's standing. If you do have a phone that features Apple's MagSafe system, charging while standing means you can view notifications, access apps, and smack your snooze button without having to adjust the phone.

The compact design of the HiRise 3 is a feature in itself, with Twelve South saying its designers have developed a charging station that is "ultra-slim and has a minimum footprint." The vertical design is "smaller than an iPhone," according to the company, and takes up far less nightstand space than traditional flat charging pads. The layout means you can effectively charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods in a minimal amount of space. The iPhone uses the MagSafe system to attach itself vertically to the stands, the AirPods rest neatly at the base, and an Apple Watch can be hung from a charging hook at the back of the stand.

The Twelve South HiRise 3 launched on June 21 with an MSRP of $99.99 and is available in both black and white. A power adapter isn't included, but Twelve South says any 20-watt power adapter will be compatible with the HiRise 3.