This Youtuber Made The Fake GameCube Portable From 2005 Into The Real Thing

Back in 2005, an image surfaced on the internet that caused some commotion in the gaming community. It was a rendered design of a handheld GameCube, a concept that enthralled many and had them longing for a true version of this device. One fan of this imagined handheld decided to go a step further, and actually turn it into reality. This was GingerofOz, a YouTuber who regularly creates modded devices and decided to take a stab at the popular 2005 render. 

Not only does the device look strikingly similar to the rendered version, but it's also actually functional and can play GameCube games. The YouTuber used parts from other Nintendo systems to create the device, as well as making a custom software for it that recreates the nostalgic GameCube start-up screen and menus. Each GameCube game can be played with the handheld's controls, and the only non-functional part of the system is the disc reader. Game are instead played by selecting them from the custom software menus. From the video GingerofOz created about his journey in making the handheld, you can see how beautiful the final product came out to be. 

The making of the GameCube handheld

In order to make this dream device a reality, GingerofOz got creative. To create the outer shell, he used a 3D printer to make a true replication of the render. For the inner hardware of the device, the YouTuber opted to use a Wii motherboard as opposed to the GameCube. Since the Wii is backwards compatible, it could easily play the GameCube games on the handheld. 

For the controls, he used a mixture of smaller, 3D printed GameCube buttons as well as the 3DS analog stick, as the GameCube joystick and buttons proved to be too large to allow the device to close. There are a few differences from the original render, including a different type of hinge as well as added buttons to improve the gameplay experience. The end result of all this turned out to be a sleek and functional device, extremely true to the original imagining.