Bluetti Gives Veterans And Military Personnel A Treat This Memorial Day Weekend

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Like many other holidays, Memorial Day has taken on both somber and festive natures. The weekend often becomes a time to go out, be with family and friends, have an outdoor barbecue, and generally enjoy life. When Monday comes around, though, we also remember the men and women who can't do the same after they offered their lives in sacrifice for the sake of the country and its people. Whether still in active service, retired as veterans, or anything in between, these valiant persons deserve to be pampered once in a while. For that very purpose, Bluetti is taking a load off their minds and their pockets this weekend with discounts that will make power outages or outdoor trips less stressful for our men and women in uniform.

Bluetti has a variety of portable and somewhat portable power stations that can juice up devices and appliances in a pinch. Powered by safe, stable, and efficient Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, these power stations can provide emergency electricity to a whole house in case of a power outage, charge phones and laptops while on a camping trip, or even just be your trusty backup when on the move. Plus, they're also friendlier to the environment with the option to charge off the power of the sun.

To commemorate and celebrate this Memorial Day Weekend, Bluetti is launching a Veterans and Military Benefits Program to give something back to our living heroes. With discounts as high as 10%, military personnel, both active and discharged, will no longer have to stress over those moments when emergency strikes and the power outlet can no longer serve its purpose.

Bluetti veterans and military benefits program

Bluetti is including some of its best and most versatile power stations up for grabs this memorial weekend with big price cuts. The EP500 (originally $4,599, discounted at $4,399) and EP500 Pro (originally $5,999, discounted at $4,999) may challenge your definition of "portable," but they are great for instantly providing backup power to a whole house when the grid goes down, especially with their huge 5,100Wh batteries. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the 716Wh EB70S and 537Wh EB55 (originally $599, discounted at $549) won't break your back with their super portable sizes. Make no mistake, though, they might be small, but they're big on power and ports.

Of course, Bluetti's modular power stations are also joining the party. The AC200 MAX and the B230 battery module (originally $3,299, discounted at $3,099) together dish out over 4,000W of pure AC Sine Wave of power. The AC200 MAX can also be charged to full in just two hours by combining both AC and solar inputs. The AC200P (originally $1,599, discounted at $1,499) brings the best of both worlds of power and portability with its 2,000Wh battery capacity, multiple outputs that can power 17 devices all at once, including wireless charging. And, of course, you can even expand that power by connecting a B230 battery module.

Bluetti's Veterans and Military Benefits Program starts on May 26 at 7:00 PM PDT and ends on May 31 at the same time. It is open to both active personnel and veterans, and they only need to have their status verified through to get the discounts. Bluetti notes that the program is available for personal use only.