Official Bronco Raptor HP, Torque, And EPA Fuel Economy Revealed

We've been excited about the upcoming Ford Bronco Raptor since all the way back in September 2021, which is when we first caught wind of the SUV off-roader. But if you were looking to save money on fuel, you might be disappointed to discover that the new Raptor is noticeably less fuel-efficient than its counterparts. This may come with a benefit, however, since the third vehicle in the Raptor series allegedly packs in a powerful 418-horsepower engine and 440 lbs-ft of torque, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley on Twitter

The elated CEO described his vision for the Ford Bronco Raptor, saying, "The idea for #BroncoRaptor was an Ultra4 racing-inspired Bronco built for high speed off-roading & extreme rock crawling. The target was 400 horsepower. Now it's official: 418hp + 440lbs-ft of torque! Congrats to the @FordPerformance team for taking #BuiltWild to a new level!" Also included in the announcement is a quick GIF that depicts a shiny red-and-black Ford Bronco Raptor performing a donut in the middle of a desert landscape.

The news comes at roughly the same time as a report by Reuters on May 24, which claims that Ford is at fault for falsely advertising its fuel economy standards in certain vehicles, to the tune of a promised payout of $19.2 million to 40 U.S. states, plus Washington D.C. Noted in the report, Ford disagrees that it has misled any of its customers with regard to fuel economy ratings or payload capacity.

The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor 4WD offers the lowest MPG of the Raptor series

It doesn't seem like Ford is making any false promises about the Bronco Raptor, however, which seems as much a gas guzzler as it is a powerhouse on wheels. A quick trip to the U.S. Fuel Economy website can quickly catch you up with side-to-side comparisons that estimate how much you'll end up paying extra on gas mileage versus other vehicles, and though the results for the Bronco Raptor aren't necessarily that pretty in comparison to the slightly more efficient 2022 Ford Bronco 4WD and 2022 Ford F150 Raptor 4WD, it may not matter all that much.

If you're in the market for a Raptor, you're probably looking for a fast and durable off-roader, and fuel mileage may not be your biggest concern. The Bronco Raptor is explicitly geared toward beating out the raw power of its predecessors and, after all, many of its other features may make the Ford Bronco Raptor an easy buy when it arrives at some point in the summer.