iOS Users Now Have Another Way To Play Fortnite

It has been a couple of long years since Epic Games' hit free-to-play shooter-turned-metaverse "Fortnite" was banned from the iOS app store in 2020, spawning several lawsuits and even this 1984-inspired advertisement, reminiscent of Apple's own Macintosh computer ad from the actual 1980s. Earlier this year, in January 2022, a new method to play "Fortnite" on iOS became available courtesy of NVIDIA's GeForce NOW game streaming service, but it was in closed beta back then, meaning that you couldn't just download and play it without an invitation.

Things have changed since January, and GeForce NOW's closed beta has given way to its full release. Announced on May 19, 2022, NVIDIA GeForce NOW officially works on the iOS Safari browser, marking a resurgence of "Fortnite" players taking over the metaverse from the comfort of their iPhones. 

But this isn't the only way for players to break out of "Fortnite" jail. Microsoft stated on May 5, 2022, that Xbox Cloud Gaming for Free now supports iOS on mobile browsers, which means that you can stream "Fortnite" through the Xbox Cloud streaming service rather than NVIDIA's if you prefer. Either way, there are now two additional methods of sneaking Epic Games' flagship slurp juice simulator back onto Apple devices than there were before. If you're confused — yes, that last line was still in reference to "Fortnite."

How to play Fortnite on iOS Safari or Microsoft Edge

Getting started playing "Fortnite" on iOS Safari or Microsoft Edge isn't that difficult, and it's up to you which service you'd prefer to use. There are different sets of instructions for going through NVIDIA's GeForce NOW service versus sticking with Xbox Game Cloud, but in either case, you'll want to have a strong enough internet connection to support cloud gaming. This is because both methods require you to stream "Fortnite" indirectly through your browser. Epic Games has included instructions and tips for playing "Fortnite" on a mobile device, which relies on a different control scheme than PC or console.

Setting up NVIDIA GeForce NOW on iOS requires you to stick with iOS Safari, however, since that's the browser supported by the service. In order to get that set up, venture over to your Safari browser and navigate to this link.

Playing "Fortnite" on Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming for Free service is a bit of the same, but you don't need to use Safari. You can use Microsoft Edge if you'd prefer that. All you need to do is set up your Microsoft account, then follow the link to Xbox Cloud's mobile web portal. If you're unsure of whether your internet connection is fast enough to stream "Fortnite" over the cloud, we recommend upgrading to a high-speed Wi-Fi 6 modem that can support low latencies, preferably below 30ms.